A Sales Partner You Can Trust

We're direct sales experts - it’s that simple. We are an organization with a laser-focus on meeting our clients’ needs and building lasting partnerships.

That’s why industry leaders in energy and telecommunications turn to us time and again to help them grow sales for their organizations.

Our focus is face-to-face sales, but we also provide other sales and marketing services including, customer retention, debt collection, and business-to-business selling.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Partnering with nFuse Direct brings a team of sales professionals to your market and provides the most cost-effective way to ensure your message reaches its target.

Why waste money adding another mail piece to an already crowded mailbox or running a television or radio campaign with no way of measuring success?

nFuse Direct delivers your message directly to each potential customer, and most importantly, you only pay when we deliver a customer. It’s true pay-for-performance marketing.

Partner With The Professionals

  • We are one of the largest direct sales providers to the energy industry.
  • We have diverse sales expertise including video, data, voice, and energy.
  • We can quickly jump start a new operation or market and bring our experience to bear.
  • We put our partnerships ahead of short-term gains or profits.
  • We understand the importance of operational discipline and strong management oversight.

We're A Great Place to Work

We’ve all been there before; it seems like every job opportunity requires 3-5 years of experience, so how do you get that experience?

nFuse Direct is the answer.

We specialize in training, enabling you to gain that valuable experience you need while working in a fun and exciting environment.

Come learn more about what it’s like to work in a fast-paced, performance-based atmosphere where success (not seniority), gets you promoted!